About Us

Earth Fixx Market was founded in 2015 by Derek Randall, a then dad-to-be. He quickly brought his sister, Kellie Bellinger, who had just become a mom herself, on board. Derek and Kellie were born and raised in Rhode Island, calling the farming town of West Greenwich their home for the majority of their childhood. Derek is passionate about agriculture, working on local farms before starting his own tree care business at the age of 18.

Derek and Kellie are both avid animal lovers. Since starting their own families, Derek and Kellie have become devoted to ensuring that not only are their families protected, but that the Earth is protected for future generations. They also realized the harmful impact basic, everyday products were having on their families as well as the environment, along with the lack of education and resources.

They created Earth Fixx Market to provide safe, high-quality organic and all-natural products featuring brands which are similarly dedicated to protecting Earth.Wanting to give back, they have made a firm commitment to donate 10% of their net proceeds to Earth Fixx Project to help protect animals and the environment as a way to say “thank you” to Earth.

Our Mission

Earth Fixx Market is a family owned online market with a global vision to provide wholesome all-natural and organic goods and knowledge for everyone, while funding Earth Fixx Project through the donation of 10% of our net proceeds to nonprofits/foundations which support areas of natural disaster relief, wildlife protection, earth conservation, and sea conservation.

10% of all net proceeds go towards protecting the Earth

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About the founders

Derek Randall

Derek Randall is the brains behind the Earth Fixx Market and Earth Fixx Project and a self-made entrepreneur. When Derek is not with his family and growing number of animals, you can find him in the woods or working on a new idea. Derek is always looking for ways to better support and give back to the Earth.

Kellie Bellinger

Kellie Bellinger is a regular contributor to the Earth Fixx Market blog as well as a cofounder. Kellie is a mom with a growing passion for “back to natural” living, she is constantly looking for ways to incorporate and introduce healthier alternatives and protect Earth. Kellie’s passions include sneaking vegetables into mac & cheese, swapping conventional for organic, filling the recycling container, and being active outdoors.